Character Creation Guidelines

If you plan to do something majorly nonstandard with your character such as making a nonstandard race (half-dragon, tiefling, etc), having an extremely unusual background, or being of an evil alignment, please talk to me about it ASAP before you get too deep into character creation. If you have a particularly cool idea for something outside of the standard rules as written, again, please discuss it with the DM ASAP.

Look at the Backgrounds section of character creation and either choose one as written or use it as inspiration to write your own. If you write your own, please keep your skill proficiencies / languages / equipment reasonable to what you have written and in line with the codified examples provided.

Whether you use a background from the rules or write your own, please plan to write at least 1-2 paragraphs of personal history for your character and at least a short description of his or her personality. For history, I encourage peppering in details of all kinds even if you have no immediate plan of it being relevant to your character in the present. For example: flunked out of school, grew up on a farm, orphaned from his parents and identical twin brother as a baby). These provide opportunities for your character to be connected to the world in ways you may not even plan for.

Please just use the standard set of ability scores: 15, 14, 13, 12, 10, 8

At the outset of the campaign you will be traveling with a merchant caravan to the town of Greenest, either visiting for the first time or returning home.
IN ADDITION TO THE NORMAL BACKGROUNDS: whether you wrote your own or took one from the book, please incorporate one of the following “bonds” into your character:

1. Leosin Erlanthar, a wandering monk, once saved your life. He’s sent urgent word for you to meet him in a small town called Greenest. Looks like it’s time to pay off that debt.
2. When an orc raid drove your family from your home, the people of Greenest took you in. Anyone who threatens Greenest is your sworn enemy.
3. Every five nights, you have a strange sequence of apocalyptic dreams. The world is destroyed by cold, choking fumes, lightning storms, waves of acid, and horrible fire. Each time, the dream ends with ten evil eyes glaring at you from the darkness. You feel a strange compulsion to travel to Greenest. Perhaps the answer to the riddle of your dreams awaits you there.
4. Ontharr Frume, a crusading warrior and champion of good, is your friend and mentor. He has asked you to travel to Greenest in search of rumors of increasing dragon activity.
5. You have heard rumors that your close childhood friend, a half-elf named Talis, has been kidnapped by a strange group of dragon cultists. Your investigations into the cult have led you to the town of Greenest. You must save her!
6. Being the grandchild of a renowned dragon slayer is usually a good way to impress people, but just last week a gang of ruffians attack you. You barely escaped with your life, but as you fled, the ruffians told you that the Cult of the Dragon never forgets and always avenges. You’re hoping to lie low in a sleepy little town called Greenest until this blows over.
7. On his deathbed, your father confessed that he had become involved with a group called the Cult of the Dragon. They paid him to smuggle goods across the Sword Coast. Wracked by guilt, he begged you to investigate the cult and undo the evil he may have helped foster. He urged you to begin your search in a town called Greenest.
8. The dragons destroyed everything you hold dear. They killed your family and destoryed your home. Now with nothing but what you carry on your back and a horrid scar of the near fatal woumnds you sustained in the attack, you seek revenge.

AGAIN, if you want, you may write your own instead of taking one of these eight, but it should be along the same lines as these and if you either some affinity for the people of Greenest or some special hatred for the Cult of the Dragon.

Character Creation Guidelines

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